We believe the history and character inherent with older lights offers a beauty that cannot be replicated in modern-day fittings.


We believe the history and character inherent with older lights offers a beauty that cannot be replicated in modern-day fittings.

We follow our obsession for seeking out, salvaging and preserving industrial and vintage lighting from around the globe. The far-flung origins of these lights are evident in their unique, industrialised designs – it is difficult not to imagine them hanging in these environments that in many cases, history has now forgotten. They are a snapshot into the past and our careful restoration process aims to retain their character so they can add a touch of history, warmth and intrigue to your interior for many years to come. We are fanatical about quality and will do whatever it takes to ensure each and every light is restored to the highest possible standard. Our lights are unique, carefully preserved pieces of history with such distinguished design, they are just screaming out to take centre stage and live life once more.

Sourcing our lights

Our process begins by pursuing leads on old industrial facilities where it may be possible to find the fittings we know boast a wealth of character. Once unique lights are eventually located, the long journey begins to bring these fittings back to life so they can once again take centre stage.

The crucial decision to either restore or conserve has to be made at the outset. We inspect each fitting for overall condition as we will always try to conserve if we can; the unique character and patina created through years of use can simply not be replicated. If the industrial coatings and overall condition is less than satisfactory, we will sympathetically restore the fitting to retain as many of the original characteristics as possible.

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Our surface treatments

Where lights are composed of bare aluminium casings, we repair where necessary then use a gentle vapour blasting technique to clean the surfaces. This process involves blasting the casings with pressurised water containing miniature glass spheres. This treatment is just abrasive enough to remove surface contaminants but not harsh enough to remove the valuable patina and surface character developed through age.

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The original finishes

Although we strive to conserve the original enamel finishes of our fittings, they do sometimes require re-coating. Where necessary, we re-enamel fittings using stove-enamel which is not only a traditional finish, it provides a wonderful surface texture that contributes significantly towards the vintage feel of many of our pieces.

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Protecting our historic lights

To conclude the conservation and restoration of our lights, Renaissance Wax Polish is used to protect delicate surfaces and preserve age-old wear and character. Developed in the 1950s by the British Museum for the preservation of ancient artefacts, the acid-free formulation affords a layer of protection that is gentle to the underlying surface.

Our light fittings provide snapshots into history so we believe they also deserve the same uncompromising level of protection and care.

Light up your life with history, character & quality.
A timeless piece never gets old.

Large conserved industrial factory lights​ by MESKO

Large conserved industrial factory lights by MESKO